"Dear child, don't worry if you don't know which perfect direction you are heading in life. Because, Mummy and Daddy don't know too. We may seem taller, older and wiser, but what you don't realise is, we were once young, scared and lost like you. Even grownups like ourselves, are sometimes clueless, finding ways through our livelihood and parenthood." 

I remembered when Miya was 4, I drove her to Suntec City for lunch. Suntec City was going through major renovations and revamp then. After lunch, when we were about to leave, I realised I forgot where I parked my car! 

I took the courage to set aside my adult ego, and told Miya, "Mama has something to tell you, I forgot where I parked the car. I have no idea where to go." I pointed to the right aisle and said, "I think it should be that direction."

Miya looked at me calmly, she pointed to the left aisle and said, "No, Mama, this is the way to the car."

"Are you sure?", I asked. I had my doubts that a young child would know the way through this huge renovation maze. 

Miya insisted, "I remember, this is the way to the car. Follow me." With apprehension, I took her hand and followed her. She took me to the left aisle, down several long passageways, to a lift, down to the carpark and to the car.

She brought me back to the car! For a moment, I wondered if I should be amazed by her witty achievement, or be surprised by my forgetfulness.

"Wow, I'm amazed you brought me to the car!" I complimented her. Miya smiled gleefully, then said the darndest comment, "My memory is good right?" 

When I got home, I told my husband, Zion, what had happened in Suntec City. He said, "Miya's memory is as good as mine." 

Well, life is a constant exploration. We all take time to navigate our ways through life's complexities. So long we don't waste time, we should be, or are, on the right track.

If ever, we, parents are 'lost', look to our children for advice, they could help guide us onto the right track.

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