Finally, “Miya Interviews” is launched! Miya’s first official interview is with Eric Feng, a Sales Strategist and Sales Motivational Speaker.

Back in June 2017, when Miya told me she wanted to travel around the world interviewing people, I had doubts about this non-commercial project. I knew this project was going to be very beneficial to Miya in her learning process, but I wasn’t sure if I could help her in the midst of handling my work and family tasks. I admit, I have my fears.

I worry if I could do proper video recordings, I worry if I could do proper audio recordings, I worry about people rejecting Miya’s request to interview them, I worry if I have time to complete the videos, I worry about future video episodes, I worry if Miya can carry out the interviews well, I worry if I can guide Miya well in this project, I worry how things will turn out in the future, When I told Miya my fears, she said,  “Just do it Mama.”

Miya’s encouragement spurred me on. I prayed, and discussed with Miya about the people she will like to speak to. The first person Miya wanted to speak to was 20-year old Malala Yousafzai, “a Pakistani activist for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate”1. Miya had read about Malala in Kate Schatz's book, “Rad Women Worldwide”, and she looks up to Malala for her confidence and bravery.

I took the first step to email Malala, and received an email reply from Malala’s teammate, “Dear Bernice, Thank you for your kind invitation for Malala to meet your daughter Miya. Malala is honoured by and grateful for your invitation but she must extend her regrets for the foreseeable future due to her overriding commitment to her school studies. Should these circumstances change in the months ahead we will contact you.”

I reminded myself that “nothing comes easy and there is a time for people to say ‘yes’”. I continued to contact friends and friends’ friends for permission to interview them, and Eric Feng, one of Asia’s outstanding Sales Strategist and Sales Motivational Speaker2, kindly agreed to Miya interviewing him. I shared with Eric my worries, and that this project was getting me out of my comfort zone, yet I knew I should not stifle Miya’s talents with my fears. Eric gave me a valuable advice, “Give Miya space to grow.”

In early July, we met Eric and his teammates, Philip and Baggio. Philip and Baggio were helpful in assisting us with the interview location, lighting and photography, and Miya had so much fun speaking to Eric and learning from him.

So let me present to you, “Episode 1: Miya Interviews Eric Feng”!

Coming Soon… Episode 2: Miya Interviews Louis Ng, Singapore Member of Parliament

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