Episode 4 is very meaningful to us because Miya’s accountant interviewee, Kenneth, is a close family friend. He is the first person whom we share about Miya’s dream to travel around the world interviewing people of all backgrounds and ages.

“If you need any help let me know. I’m most happy to be interviewed by her!” he says smiling. Zion and I are very touched by Kenneth’s generous offer and support to contribute to Miya’s project.

It’s not everyday you get to have friends who support your ideas. More often than not, a family, or a friend will say, “It’s a bad idea. It will not work.” And on the contrary, we learn from Miya’s positivity that “everything is possible”, and we learn from Kenneth that “help and support is available.”

On the day of the interview and before filming, we meet for dinner at a restaurant. While we are eating, Kenneth ponders out loud, “How do I explain to Miya in simple terms what an accountant does?” He is very serious in sharing his occupational details with Miya, and allowing her to understand his work in simple terms.

So let me present to you, “Episode 4, Miya Interviews Kenneth Zhang, an Accountant".

Coming up next, Episode 5: Miya Interviews a World Boxing Champion and a Legends Fight Sport Manager.

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