I can’t wait to launch this video!!

A few months back, I receive a Whatsapp reply message from Khairizal (Rizal), “I am happy and honoured to help Miya as her interviewee. I have spoken to Ridhwan (Wan), and he is also keen on helping Miya… Yup Wan just confirms meeting next Saturday at our gym, Carpenter Street.”

I am so happy to receive Rizal’s message, I can barely contain my excitement! I rush to the nearest 7-Eleven store to purchase the Men’s Health magazine because Ridhwan is featured on the cover page, and it is a must to get Ridhwan’s signature on the cover.

When I tell Miya that Rizal and Ridhwan have approved her request, she is so thrill she can’t wait to meet them, she says “Can I learn boxing?! When are we going to meet them? I can’t wait!”

Miya loves this interview episode because it’s very fun and high-energy. She likes the new Legends friends she meet, and she is moved by Ridhwan’s and Rizal’s loyal and committed friendship for each other.

Ridhwan is going to represent Singapore to compete for the IBO (International Boxing Organization) title belt this coming 20th October 2017, at Suntec City, “The Roar of Singapore 3, The Chosen Wan”. Zion and I will be going to give our support to Ridhwan. If you’re keen, do purchase your tickets at Sistic and join us!

We’re very impressed with Legends for the camaraderie amongst the members and the instructors, and we will like to extend our gratitude to Ridhwan and Rizal for their loving hospitality. Also, we will like thank our Legendary friends, Jason Chua, Cindy Peck and Yit Shern for babysitting little Miki in the Legends gym while we get busy with the interview.

“Mama, I love Legends, I want to go back again!” says Miya.

So let us bring you to meet Ridhwan “The Chosen Wan”, and the very bubbly and handsome, Rizal! Episode 5: Miya Interviews Muhamad Ridhwan and Khairizal Azman!

Coming up next, Episode 6: Miya Interviews our Family Photographer.

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